Reiki Karuna Class

This class is to be taken after you have accomplished Reiki 1 & 2 class and Reiki Master class.

This is a deep dive into the soul retrieval of fragmented soul /aura pieces, throughout life experiences and trauma we lose fragments of our soul. This can cause depression, anxiety, over whelming grief, anger in our soul and vessel, which can cause relationship issues, clarity issues, focusing issues, and overall discontentment with life. This will give you the tools and the heightened intuition to guide you so that you can navigate, integrate, and elevate the lost soul fragments. How to prepare before Reiki, you will be asked to re frame from the use of alcohol for 7 days prior for a cleansing period. Make sure that you are well hydrated and rested, come in comfortable clothing, bring a notebook for notes and a journal if you have a special one for your meditation journaling

You will receive an attunement to the symbols and the power of Usui and Holy Fire.

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