Level Up Your Life

Certified Reiki Master and Spiritual Coach

My passion and joy is helping others come into alignment with the truth of who they are. We often hide behind the masks, roles, and projected expectations we often carry with us and allow others to place upon us. When you are truly aligned with the fullness of who you are, you will come alive and flow effortlessly, and harmoniously. You will begin to allow this higher part of you to guide, direct, and flow through you in your everyday life. This journey is magical, powerful, sacred and life changing. Imagine stepping out of low vibration energy, such as fear, anger, resentment, self-haltered, programs and generational cycles. As you step into the energy of unconditional love that is where the magic happens!



Reiki is an ancient yet simple healing technique. It has been found to produce profound results all through gentle touch, positive mindsets, and energy transfer. Whether you want to receive Reiki for emotional trauma healing, energy balancing, or to develop yourself spiritually, Reiki has endless advantages.

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is the process of recovering the lost soul fragments, This is typically performed by Shamans and Reiki Masters of the Karuna Level. Karuna Level Reiki Masters will guide you through these realms to help retrieve the lost fragments of your soul. This will give you a brief description of how it will look. We will enter trance states together.

Spiritual Coach

This 8-week program will give you the tools and the steps to achieve the life that you have been desiring to step into. As you and I journey together on the blocks, energy hindrance, limiting beliefs and programs that have been set in your sub conscious over time.

Find Your True Self

I love opening the doors to love and light within you. Once those doorways are opened and the healing starts to happen, the energy of love and light begin to flow within.  You are then in alignment with your higher self and highest timeline which will allow you to effortlessly flow with ease and grace. When the doors to this energy open and it flows through your body you will break free of old patterns, depressions, anxieties, fearful thought patterns, diseases, generational bondage, spiritual darkness, old beliefs and programs. As you heal and let go, that is when you will break free!

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