Table Talk Tuesday 6 5 common fears that can hold or stagnate your progression. We all have fears in life like spiders, snakes. Heights and Intimacy. Here are 5 common fears that can stagnate your progression to be your highest most optimal self.

Sound Bath Sunday 2 Crystal Chakra Healing singing bowls, help elevate your vibration, mood and step into higher energy levels. Sit back and enjoy a bit of calibrating sounds that is sure to soothe your soul! ♥️♥️

Table Talk Tuesday 5 Everyone has an inner child You might see this in a child as a direct representation of yourself in your earlier years, a patchwork collection of the development stages you have passed through, or a symbol of useful dreams and playfulness. And awareness of your inner child can I help you …

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Sound Bath Sunday This is a transmission, I infused my space with Reiki along with The crystal chakra healing sound bowls . Please Put in the comments I accept or I receive and sit back and enjoy the relaxing healing energy of Reiki infused sound bath Sunday.

Table Talk Tuesday 4 Four ways we can improve our relationship with money  We have programs that have been placed upon us by our parents and our parent’s parents. By having gratitude and healing our root chakra that is directly connected to our security and safety we can improve our energy flow and attract more …

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